Day 41: Last day; Adios, Barcelona!

My last day in Spain began with the usual breakfast of toast. Yes, I’ve literally had toast for the last 40 days of my stay in Spain. The jams have been varied and occasionally I have been given the option of cream cheese. Sometimes I get two pieces of toast with a sandwich (either just cheese or turkey and cheese) on the side or I get four pieces of toast. I must say, I am craving cereal and other breakfast foods. However, a small part of me will miss the regularly expected toast.

After breakfast, I mentally planned out my packing and then waited around until I went to have my final lunch in Barcelona on the top of Las Arenas with another intern. It was cool to finally get to eat on top of one of my favorite sites in the city. I had a lovely lunch of some tapas and guacamole. Afterwards, we went to the bottom floor of Las Arenas where there are many cafes and restaurants and got some delicious ice cream!

Following my lunch trip, I went back to my home stay for about two hours before going to see another intern perform in a dance show. It was really cool to attend the show and see all the different contemporary dances. My friend did a fantastic job performing!

Finally, I took the metro for the last time and returned to my home stay to shower and pack before dinner. Packing took me about 30-45 minutes since I had already mentally prepared for it and I believe I have everything minus a few small things ready to go for the morning. Dinner consisted of one of the best pork cutlets I’ve ever had! It was even stuffed with bacon, which was absolutely delicious.

These last six weeks have been an incredible journey and I will never forget my time in Barcelona. It’s hard to believe that this is my last day. This evening, my host mother and roommate and I went to La Nena, as per my choice to celebrate my birthday and my last day. My host mother gave me beautiful earrings as a gift and she treated my roommate and I to some drinks. We stayed for about two hours enjoying a variety of conversation topics and laughs. It was really fun and I’m glad that I got to end my last night in Barcelona this way.

My flight leaves at 11:20 a.m. and I will pack my computer and final things up before going to bed soon to rest up for the long day ahead.

Adios, Barcelona. I will definitely miss you!


Day 40: Reentry Workshop

“Duet”: Basically a salad with melon and salmon

This afternoon we had a reentry workshop where we got to learn how to apply everything we have learned during our stay in Barcelona in terms of a job resume, interview, or application. I found the information useful and am glad I attended. It’s great to know how to phrase things for the future!


After the workshop, we were treated to a nice three course lunch. It was a good time to discuss things like our final plans and what we were looking forward to most about returning to America. I definitely have a list of things I’m looking forward to.

After lunch, three other interns and I went to the gothic district to do our last souvenir shopping. I bought myself a watch and a ring as well as a few gifts for others. After this time, I don’t plan on spending any more money unless it is on food or the taxi to the airport. The conversion rate of Euros to the American dollar really adds up fast!

Almond cake

For the last few days, there has been a very bittersweet moment where I have had to say goodbye to a fellow intern, a boss, or our program coordinators. I will definitely miss the people I have met in Spain.

The group of interns that attended the workshop with our program director

At the end of the day, I went out with my roommate and we even ended up getting ice cream. One more day left in Barcelona. I have a few plans, but I know packing is going to be the hardest part. Although I’ve organized my things, just putting everything away and emptying the place I have stayed in for the last six weeks will definitely hit me and make me realize that I am actually leaving soon.

Day 39: Last day of internship

The magazine in which I was published thrice

Today was a sad day though I didn’t realize it until I uploaded my last article for Le CITY Deluxe. Kusama Showcase Article. It was ironic that the article was for an event in America, in New York specifically, which was the last place I was before I came to Spain.

In the last hour or so of my time at my internship, my supervisor/boss completed my final evaluation for UA and handed me a copy of the latest Russian Deluxe magazine. At first I just thought she was showing me the new cover but then she told me that I had articles in it and the magazine was mine keep. I couldn’t believe it! Not only one, but three times did I find articles with my name beside them as the author. I was emphatic to say the least. I absolutely loved my experience at my first internship and wish I could continue to intern there, but sadly, as with most good things, they come to an end. My boss told me to expect another package in August or September with another magazine in which I will have been printed. I can’t describe how happy I am about being published internationally! Here is a link to the web version of the Russian print magazine for those who are interested: Russian Deluxe Web Version.

Guacamole and hummus with nachos

After work, I treated myself to a nice three course 11 euro lunch at a restaurant I had been passing daily after work each day. The restaurant had a special vegetarian menu which was perfect and had a large variety to choose from. I had a hummus and guacamole dip with nachos, a pizza and an incredibly, mouthwatering slice of chocolate cake with cherry sauce (loved the sauce!) for dessert. It was a good self treat to celebrate completing my first internship.

Pizza with some herbs

Instead of just walking to the metro and going home, I decided to wander around

Chocolate cake with cherry sauce

and perhaps do a little shopping. I went down several streets and found a few shops where I got a couple of things for friends and family. I think I am about done with my souvenir shopping though I think I will go somewhere else once more to make sure I covered everyone at home.

After shopping, I went back to my home stay and relaxed for a few hours before having dinner and going to bed.

I have two more days left in Spain – Unbelievable!

Day 38: Chopard and a Stomachache

Today was my second to last day at my internship. The intern I normally work with was out sick and it seemed that I got twice the work to do. Fortunately, I was able to keep up and get it all done. I wrote two web articles both related to the Chopard brand: Qualite Fleurier, Chopard benefits Down Spain

After work, I went back to home stay and my host mother made me a special lunch of lamb which she knows is my favorite meat. A siesta followed shortly after lunch. Unfortunately, either something I had eaten in that day or maybe a bug that has been going around seemed to affect my stomach because I had stomach problems for the remainder of the day. I couldn’t even finish my dinner. It was a little frustrating. Hopefully these issues go away so I can fully enjoy my last four days in Spain. Hasta luego!

Day 37: Olympic Stadium

The site of the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona

At my internship, I wrote an article about a German singer who was going to visit Spain. My supervisor/boss told me that it was a future cover of one of the international magazines. Very exciting! Hopefully I’ll get to see my work one day in the future if this is the case.

After I wrote the article, my boss asked if I could hand deliver a couple of magazines to a local client about 30 minutes walking from my internship building. It was a really warm day so it was a slightly tiring task, but I managed to locate the client’s building and deliver the magazines with no problems. I don’t know if it was doing this task or just staying busy during work but my time seemed to fly by and I couldn’t believe I only have two days left after today! I will definitely miss this internship.

We saw beautiful flowers and trees everywhere!

Because it was very warm, I went back to my home stay to cool off before going to finish my to-do list at last. My new roommate joined me and together we went to Montjuic and all the way up to the location of the 1992 Summer Olympics. It was a really neat area and unfortunately we couldn’t enter the stadium because of an athletic international sporting event that was taking place indoors. However, we were able to find some panels where we could see into the stadium and it was incredibly amazing to see this part of Olympic history. I hope that maybe someday I could go see an Olympic event in person.

On a neat set of stairs walking up Montjuic

After we finished at the stadium area, we ventured to Las Arenas and had some tapas at a restaurant that’s attached to the famous mall. It was nice to get to know my new roommate and hear her tell me about the many travel experiences and things she has done prior to this trip. She’s had a pretty interesting life and she made me want to go visit her home country of Germany – another place to add to my future travel list for sure.

Day 36: Internship and Tapas

Croquettes de pollo

Today was the beginning of my last week at my internship. I know I will definitely miss working at this company and am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work here for six weeks. When I mentioned it to my supervisor, she could not believe that it was already time for my final week. She thought that only three weeks had passed and told me that she would definitely miss having me around.

At work, I worked on a couple of articles but only successfully finished one: Title defender continues charge. The communication on the other articles is still a working process, so we’ll see if those happen soon.

After work, I met with another intern and we went to a nearby restaurant and had lunch. I had Croquettes de Pollo, a delicious Tapa which is fried similarly to a mozzarella stick but smaller in size and can be filled with either chicken, ham or cheese (as far as I’ve seen) and a bacon and cheese sandwich. It was all very good. I’m definitely going to miss Tapas.

Following lunch, I went back to my home stay and enjoyed the rest of day off. Tomorrow I plan on going to finish my to-do list at last and seeing the stadium/area where the 1992 Summer Olympics were held. Hasta luego!

Day 35: The Final Countdown

And so begins my final week in Barcelona, Spain. It’ll be a bittersweet goodbye, I’m sure, but I’m definitely ready to head back to America and see my family, friends and other amazing things that make America my home.

Today I got a new roommate. She is from Germany but interned in Minneapolis recently so she has gotten a good taste of American life. Her English is very good and I enjoyed talking to her a few times throughout her first day in Spain. She came to Spain to study Spanish at the same school I did, but for two weeks. I look forward to getting to know her during my last week in Spain while she goes through her first.

Before I left for Barcelona, I created a word document with a list of things I wanted to try to do in my time in Barcelona which I continuously added things to as I discovered more about the city. Recently, I’ve realized I only have one final thing left on my list which I will conquer this week: Visiting the 1992 Summer Olympic Stadium in Barcelona. It’s exciting to be so close to finishing a list of goals and plans I had made.

Here’s to a great last week, hasta luego!